Trumpeter [noun]

Definition of Trumpeter:

a loudmouth

Synonyms of Trumpeter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trumpeter:


Sentence/Example of Trumpeter:

"A great day,—say rather a great day for Ireland," tolled out the trumpeter.

The trumpeter raised his trumpet nearly to his lips and waited.

The trumpeter raised his trumpet nearly to his lips, and waited.

A trumpeter lifted his bugle and sounded a bar of the reveille.

The trumpeter took off his hat and made a low bow to Alice and her Aunt.

I, myself, advise the sending of a trumpeter with a flag of truce.

But Puffendorff, the trumpeter, had not leisure to lift the trumpet to his lips: when, hark!

The Trumpeter is the earliest, preceding all other birds, with the exception of the eagles.

The ducks were not thought of—the trumpeter was to be the game.

Andy was not lost on the trumpeter: "Arrah, maybe you'd like to have a touch at these?"