Trumpeting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Trumpeting:

Its voice was not the trumpeting of the disreputable goddess we all know—not blatant—not brazen.

Kari raised his trunk and silenced their silly chatter by trumpeting.

I was awakened by a terrible cry from the monkey and a trumpeting from the elephant.

Kari, who was afraid of fire, as all animals are, was trumpeting angrily.

The elephants are now trumpeting impatiently for inspection.

She is brought to my house, which she fills with her trumpeting as she waddles about.

But Skinner was not trumpeting the fact that he was only a "cage man."

The seven trumpeting angels with their judgments for the earth are sent forth by Him.

An elephant's trumpeting is always nasty, especially on a dark night.

He caught sight of me, however, shrieking and trumpeting with rage.