Truncated [verb]

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The animals stopped on the upper plateau of the truncated cone.

Modioliform: globular, truncated at both ends; like the hub of a wheel.

The pyramid of Cholula is of truncated form, like most of these numerous structures.

Too far from the truncated kopjes to reap any benefit from them.

The general form of the egg is still that of a truncated ellipsoid.

But there is also a truncated mound, fifty by eighty feet, and nine feet high.

In the truncated summit of Mount Rainier there are three craters.

Their capitals are imitated from truncated lotus-buds, like that in Fig. 42.

Inner aperture of the cone nearly as broad as the half radius of the shell, about twice as broad as the truncated outer aperture.

All three arms nearly of the same form and size, hammer-shaped, three times as broad at the truncated distal end as at the base.