Trundled [verb]

Definition of Trundled:

walk heavily, clumsily

Synonyms of Trundled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trundled:

Sentence/Example of Trundled:

While perhaps to generalise these delights, a trundled organ tossed a ragtime.

Alexander threw himself into a hackney-coach and trundled after him.

Semple sends back to the fort for a cannon to be trundled out.

It is dumped into freight cars and trundled off to the smelting furnaces.

The porter labelled the luggage, and trundled it down the platform.

Then they trundled down their own track and back to the Road of the Dead Men.

It was only when the Three Black Boxes were trundled out that his interest was aroused.

As for the porter with one hand he trundled his barrow along like a jolly hoop.

Fred trundled his barrow at my side as we returned to breakfast.

One wheel came off and trundled to the bottom of the hill by itself.