Trundles [noun]

Definition of Trundles:

cylindrical object

Synonyms of Trundles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trundles:


Sentence/Example of Trundles:

“In other words, you direct me to trundle on board as fast as I can,” said Adair.

There were plenty of others who wanted to trundle the wheelbarrow.

Chicken Little was to sleep in the trundle bed with Katy and Gertie.

Some of the youngsters were tucked away in trundle beds, you may be sure.

“Only Trundle there,” i.e., only that poor insignificant thing there!

On the wedding day, however, Trundle made an effort to assert himself.

But Trundle, the cypher, no one thought of him, no one cared about his speech.

But it had to be broken to her by Trundle, in right of his office.

This proves that Trundle was the mari de la femme, with no will of his own.

Now, to do him justice, Trundle was a thoroughgoing boatswain.