Trundling [noun]

Definition of Trundling:

revolving, turning

Synonyms of Trundling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trundling:

Sentence/Example of Trundling:

Then she was gone, trundling the baby-carriage with incredible speed.

Old Laird Fisher was trundling a wheelbarrow on the bank of the smelting-house.

Alec was trundling it around the house, with the parrot perched on it.

Evidently there was no reply, for in less than a minute he was trundling past them back again.

We had been trundling slowly, sleepily along ever since the conductor's "all aboard!"

Already he was off, trundling the wheelbarrow and still eating as he walked.

He had nearly filled his barrow, after trundling it for four miles.

Plunkitt, the head gardener, came along, trundling a mowing-machine.

You were seven, and I was trundling my doll on the sidewalk.

Trundling his wheel before him, with the chain dangling from the handle-bar, Tom splashed on through the mud and rain.