Trusses [noun]

Definition of Trusses:

supporting device

Synonyms of Trusses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trusses:


Sentence/Example of Trusses:

Singe and truss your chickens; boil one half and roast the other.

Then truss it nicely and roast it from one and a half to two hours.

Truss it nicely, and roast it from three-quarters of an hour to an hour, according to its size.

Then truss it with string, or two skewers, in the form of the letter S.

"Truss him up, Kenneth," he commanded, pointing to the recumbent figure.

Now, put the gags into their mouths and truss them up, as you did the others.

He was to weave a truss of sand and spin a sand rope to bind it with.

In due time her messenger returned; and with her Ben, carrying a truss of straw.

This sling is shown by the sketch, Fig. 244, and as will be observed acts as a truss.

Next, the gooseneck of the truss, on which it pivoted, smashed away.