Trustee [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trustee:

He was a commissioner, or a board, or a trustee, 'or something.'

He was Chairman of this, Trustee of that, President of the other.

In a similar way I am, or I have been, trustee of one kind or other for scores of our customers.

I have seen Mr. Bradley and he has consented to act as trustee for me.

It was Judge Knowles' wish that you be my trustee, and, as you know, it was mine also.

A married woman can be executor, administrator, guardian or trustee.

One of her first acts as trustee was a practical one for the girls.

And her trustee has been buying up some choice Boston property for her.

Your mother ought never to have made me your trustee, my dear.

My relation to them is simply that of trustee to an express trust.