Trusteeship [noun]

Definition of Trusteeship:

responsibility, custody

Synonyms of Trusteeship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trusteeship:

Sentence/Example of Trusteeship:

But on the other hand, suppose Elizabeth begged him to take the trusteeship and he did take it?

My trusteeship, she answered him loftily, producing some documents from her hand-bag.

The obligation wasnt part of the trusteeship, she reminded him.

Her earnings are subject to his trusteeship, and nothing more.

I never understood that passage, till in a fool's moment I accepted a Trusteeship.

Money, however, he will make of his trusteeship, as you will see.

It was at first thought that there might be a little jealousy as to the trusteeship.

Well, in six months more the old lady's trusteeship of this young lady is to terminate—at least legally.

Six days later Mrs. Eddy met this action by declaring a trusteeship for the control of her estate.

The trustees named were responsible men, gave bond for $500,000, and their trusteeship was to last during Mrs. Eddy's lifetime.