Trustingly [adverb]

Definition of Trustingly:


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Sentence/Example of Trustingly:

On the contrary, she can confide in him for that, and does—fully, trustingly.

I must not love you too much, for I have all my love to give to my Edward, my own now, and I am his trustingly for ever.

Zeke was trustingly letting him in on his business and he might not understand.

He was consumed with regret, suddenly, that he had run after the baron so trustingly.

He is not partial to a few, but listens to everyone who approaches Him trustingly.

Through her tears the girl smiled up at him, trustingly, confidingly.

Then she stooped forward and touched him kindly and trustingly on the knee.

John smiled, holding out his hands, and the boy went to him trustingly.

One saw that he prayed, trustingly, with a childlike simplicity.

O false words which I have too trustingly responded to by deeds!