Truths [noun]

Definition of Truths:

honesty, loyalty

Synonyms of Truths:

Opposite/Antonyms of Truths:

Sentence/Example of Truths:

The truths in themselves were enough to bear telling and retelling.

He was a good man, who saw some truths clearly, and used them blunderingly.

She listened, reflected, and "inwardly digested," the truths of the Gospel.

In regard to these two truths there is no change in the present volume.

Hence all truths of color sink at once into the second rank.

The difficulty increased by the variety of truths in nature.

All truths valuable as they are characteristic.generality which renders it unimportant.

Finally, then, it is to be remembered that all truths as far 9.

But the truths of nature are one eternal change—one infinite variety.

Each century must restate its truths in terms of its own time.