Tryout [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tryout:

And if anybody asks you about him, he's only in there for a tryout.

If he was to be poisoned, it likely would be done shortly before the tryout.

Thus he grudgingly gave us a chance for a tryout; and he was surprised indeed.

Men from every important college in the country competed in the tryout.

But please be advised by me and let me give you the tryout first when I am sure you are ready for it.

We are to have a tryout at four o'clock on Friday afternoon in the gymnasium.

We had planned to have a tryout some day this week, after school.

Janet chuckled over the lines she was to read in the tryout.

Before venturing on that, however, he said he wanted to give his machine a tryout, so he took it up this morning.

So there you are, my son—within ten days of the tryout and nobody on hand to play dear old grandfather for you!