Trysts [noun]

Definition of Trysts:

meeting during a love affair

Synonyms of Trysts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trysts:

Sentence/Example of Trysts:

Now, all of us brothers have sworn to deliver that message, and to see that you keep the tryst.

No tryst this, believe us, but a scene pathetic, more sacred.

We are overdue now for my tryst with this new governor at New Chicago!

I saw, therefore, that I was not the first at the tryst, and I hastened on in all speed.

She hastened away in a flutter, feeling slightly as if she had been to a tryst.

Therefore he bade her adieu, refusing to give her any tryst for the morrow.

"To keep my tryst with Mrs. Rogers," said Dick, and went out.

The promise was that marrying him should not interfere with what she considered her tryst.

Now, at his call, she was about to forsake her first tryst and turn to him.

That was the way of women when the man was late at the tryst.