Tsar [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tsar:

Otrepiev was shaken by the Tsar's manner, by the ferocity of his mien.

The problem that so long had plagued the Tsar was solved at last.

Then they were much amazed, for he was not at all like a 178 Tsar.

Then the Tsar took him to his own house and gave him his daughter.

As for the Tsar, he remained all naked and solitary in the forest.

Then the Tsar counted down the money and took the horse away.

But me He sent to teach thee that a Tsar must have regard to the complaints of his people.

Then the little Tsar rose upon his feet, stretched himself, and yawned.

And at night-time the little Tsar went to lie down and the tooth killed him.

And at dawn of day crowds of people, with the Tsar at the head of them, came to the church.