Tubby [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tubby:

He was getting on his feet again as Tubby made that last remark.

"Just as you do, Tubby," responded the scout leader heartily.

"Just like all the rest, he takes us for Johnny Bulls," complained Tubby.

At the same time Tubby was listening eagerly for good tidings.

"Yes, I guess it will," echoed Tubby, in a way that was hardly cheerful.

Will you keep still, Tubby, and let's see if he begins again?

Merritt told him, more to keep Tubby quiet than for any other reason.

You certainly did seem to have a bad time of it, Tubby, in the wash of the Channel!

But now we want to forget all our troubles of the past, Tubby.

"There was a good reason for that, Tubby," defended Merritt quickly.