Tubs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tubs:

It should be packed closely into the tub, and pressed down hard.

Let it ferment for three days in a tub covered with a double blanket.

The first mound that I encountered belonged to a goblin who was splashing in his tub.

So they went bobbing about in a tub, and we, with a like paucity of equipment, essayed to follow them.

I have taken the champagne for granted, and it's cooling now in a tub somewhere.

Work it in a tub like other wines, with a small quantity of yest.

And she emptied into Gervaise's tub what remained of a bag of soda which she had brought with her.

Silvine, if it's not troubling you too much, I would like to have a tub.

When it has stood some time, the whey is taken out, and a weight laid at the bottom of the tub to press out the remainder.

Let it stand in a tub for ten days, stirring it from the bottom every day, and then put it into a cask for twelve months.