Tuition [noun]

Definition of Tuition:

education; education costs

Synonyms of Tuition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tuition:


Sentence/Example of Tuition:

Besides his tuition would not prevent him from having ideas of his own, later on.

Three years were more than enough to be passed under his tuition.

He began the study of music in 1827 under the tuition of Charles Lucas.

It was amazing how quickly Irene made progress under this tuition.

Very well, then, you may start in at once, and I will pay your tuition fees.

He gave me my tuition, and had taken unwearied pains with my lessons.

On the paper was written, 'Use these for William's tuition at the seminary.'

The scantiest income had to be divided so as to provide for the boys' tuition.

The savage is prompted to its exercise under the tuition of Nature.

Day scholars $5 for fuel and servants, as no charge is made for tuition.