Tumbled [verb]

Definition of Tumbled:

fall or make fall awkwardly

Synonyms of Tumbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumbled:

Sentence/Example of Tumbled:

But the shouting of the men as they tumbled into their saddles cleared his brain.

He was a tall man who tumbled well and kept close to Kokomo.

The man threw up his arms and Suh-tai tumbled him off the horse in an instant.

The undergarments she had tumbled about in her search were much heavier than her own.

After the good-night to my neighbour, I tumbled into my straw and slept soundly, animal-like.

She was very small for her years, and had long, tumbled hair.

One, a priest with a sword in his hand, slipped past them and tumbled into the boat also.

Do you s'pose she tumbled, or did she put her foot through it a-purpose?

"That know I not," quoth the stranger surlily, for he was angry at being so tumbled about.

In fact, it was a regular smashup; the queen had tumbled into the mud!