Tumbler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tumbler:

Short cakes may be made of this, cut out with the edge of a tumbler.

Cut it into cakes with the edge of a tumbler or with a tin-cake cutter.

He half filled the tumbler as he said it, and drank off the contents when he had done saying it.

She had been beating up an egg with sugar and wine, and now brought it in in a tumbler.

But who is the gentleman who is just going up to them and handing them a tumbler so officiously?

Jack arose, filled a tumbler and brought it to the side of the bed.

Faix, Mr. Kelly, but it's yourself can make a tumbler of punch with any man.

He returned with a tumbler and two cushions and seated himself at her feet.

Mr. Lavender saw before him a tumbler containing a yellow fluid.

"In that case I might as well," said Joe, pouring what remained into a tumbler and drinking it off.