Tumbling [adjective]

Definition of Tumbling:


Synonyms of Tumbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumbling:


Sentence/Example of Tumbling:

He said I was drunk myself and that he heard me tumbling up the stairs to bed.

There in front of him, heaving and tumbling, was the sea: a miracle of healing and cleansing.

She supposed Julie was behind her, but, fearful of tumbling, she had been still as a mouse.

While we are straining our eyes into the distance, justice is tumbling out at our feet.

Sensible perception, like everything else, is tumbling to pieces.

On the path I met my mother, with baby, toddling and tumbling by her side.

I heard the big bowders shifted from their beds by the tumbling waters.

When he quit his tumbling and rushing I led him close to the boat.

Blue lightning streamed on a lane of tumbling waters at its foot.

He had hardly reached the bottom when Smiler was tumbling beside him.