Tummy [noun]

Definition of Tummy:


Synonyms of Tummy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tummy:


Sentence/Example of Tummy:

But, with him howling about this awful pain in his tummy, what else could I do?

There is nothing like starting the day with something in your tummy.

I do hope he took the pennies I gave him to some place where he could fill his little "tummy."

But they hauled him off to the hospital last night with a bad pain in his tummy.

But his hearer did not want philosophy; he wanted his tummy rubbed.

But some people said that she couldn't help her tummy, and had to eat a lot to keep it full.

Oh, how sorry Gwendolen was then that her tummy was so large!

Ted's tummy was also out of order and his head was spinning like a top.

This thing of acquiring a tummy steals on one insidiously, like a thief in the night.

And haven't I smacked the Grays in the tummy, not to mention in the nose and on the shins!