Tumor [noun]

Definition of Tumor:

abnormal growth in animate being

Synonyms of Tumor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumor:


Sentence/Example of Tumor:

Diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer of the stomach, tumor of the brain.

He had examined the tumor in the breast, and knew that it could end in but one way.

If the tumor is large, more than one incision may be necessary.

The name of a syphilitic swelling or tumor is gumma (plural, gummata).

It would be safer to remove every tumor of the breast at an early date.

Atossa, the favorite wife of the king, had a tumor to form on her breast.

The hyperemia was often attended by hemorrhage into the tumor.

On one of my calls she requested me to administer to her for the removal of this tumor.

A tumor of stellate or polyhedral cells in a matrix of mucin.

On proceeding to examine the tumor, he found a plaster covering it.