Tumults [noun]

Definition of Tumults:

uproar, confusion

Synonyms of Tumults:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tumults:

Sentence/Example of Tumults:

Here the tumult of mingled emotion subsided in a flood of tears.

The poor dog heard the tumult, and leapt to your aid, sir, and we made after him.

In a tumult of thought, Hope went and sat half-unconsciously by the window.

But I tried to listen and answer that I might hide from John my tumult.

The shouting and the tumult gave me great pleasure; but, oh!

But, motionless as he lay, the tumult of his mind continued unabated.

No tumult followed this wide and instantaneous emancipation.

All my little sanctuary was in a tumult; men and women alike could not keep still.

Then laughter arose and a tempest of bravos, quite a tumult of enjoyment.

Although the windows were closed, a tumult could be heard rising from the footways.