Tumultuous [adjective]

Definition of Tumultuous:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Tumultuous:

Sentence/Example of Tumultuous:

Bonnet, false front, and spectacles were tossed in a tumultuous pile.

He tore his hair, and beat his breast, with tumultuous agony.

When he awoke, he saw, as in a mirror, a solution to the tumultuous drama of his life.

They continued to smoke, but their meditations were tumultuous and revengeful.

"This book, at least, must be true," ran his tumultuous thoughts.

Never was such a scene of riotous noise and tumultuous mirth.

There was tumultuous applause when the judges announced that the affirmative had won.

A tumultuous shuffling of feet went on continuously over our heads.

He is tumultuous and urgent, daring and impetuous, eager to say a great word.

Maryland had not risen in tumultuous welcome as Lee hopefully expected.