Tun [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tun:

To every gallon put four pounds of good Lisbon sugar, tun it immediately, lay the bung lightly on, and leave it to ferment itself.

At Ferriby the pump conveyed from the wharf to the tun, here it was from the tun to the wharf.

And that trick he did thrice, standing on the tun as it came and went.

Do you pronounce 'ten' as if it were written 'tun', or 'men' as if written 'mun'?

He had a paunch like a tun, triumphal, like an Abbate Asinico.

So much for the disposal of one tun; but what about the five others?

This accounts for the second tun—but we have still other four to account for.

The celebrated great Tun of Heidelberg is in one of the cellars of the castle.

A second tun was constructed in 1664, and this held six hundred hogsheads.

The question is, where was the "tun" or village on the Brun?