Tundra [noun]

Definition of Tundra:


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Sentence/Example of Tundra:

The snow was sifting over the tundra in icy gusts from the westward.

Would it be in the tall mountains, or on the tundra, or out on the roof of the sea?

Now the snow had almost all gone from the mountains and the tundra.

He likes to fight all the little folks of the tundra and sea because he is so big.

He went wandering all over the tundra, looking for something to eat.

What was more, she was leaving the tundra; the broad-stretching deer pastures of the Arctics.

There were the broad stretches of tundra, a hundred square miles for every reindeer.

Should they fail, she might indeed return to the tundra, but she knew it could never be the same to her.

A half mile up from the camp the tundra was brown with feeding reindeer.

She had been loath to leave her grandfather back there alone on the tundra.