Tune [noun]

Definition of Tune:

melody, harmony

Synonyms of Tune:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tune:

Sentence/Example of Tune:

The birds feel it—and wonder at the tune that makes no noise.

The tune was familiar to her in happier days, and she listened to it with tears.

Coax him to let you teach him—and bear with him if he should sing out of tune.

The removal of the helmet for the first tune revealed the man's features.

Their bugle sang again, but Dick did not know what the tune meant.

If he divined what was in her thoughts, his own were not in tune with it.

He laughed again, and whistled the burden of the tune he had sung at the door.

Suddenly the soft whistling of a tune came through the hot air.

She sat down at the piano and played a tune that was popular at the time—I do not remember what.

The tune, to a learned ear, may have no great merit; but it is a great curiosity.