Tuneful [adjective]

Definition of Tuneful:

melodic, melodious

Synonyms of Tuneful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tuneful:


Sentence/Example of Tuneful:

Shall not our future history also tell of triumphs in the tuneful art?

Onward glides the boat; the oars rise and fall with a tuneful splash.

She laughed, and the once tuneful voice was harsh and grating.

There were those who saw that tuneful time in the shaping; we, alas!

Piney's admonition piped up to him on a high and tuneful memory.

"I beat her, I beat her," shrieks he, with the last note left in his tuneful pipe.

The souls of the heroes were sad when she raised the tuneful voice.

I will do what you wish, he replied, if you will sing me a tuneful song with a clear voice.

Or how repeat the tuneful moan When the Obdurate's all my own?

He had a tuneful baritone voice and a correct ear for music.