Tunic [noun]

Definition of Tunic:

long shirt

Synonyms of Tunic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tunic:


Sentence/Example of Tunic:

His tunic was always worn out and patched, but his weapons were mounted in silver.

The policeman drew from the pocket of his tunic a dirty note-book.

Jorgenson, with his hands deep in the pockets of his tunic, listened, looking down.

He did not attempt to go to sleep; he did not even unbutton the top button of his tunic.

How shall I describe the agony which Tunic's narrative caused me!

Bimba tells me that Tunic has disappeared no one knows whither.

Some of Tunic's companions are sipping and smoking at one of these tables.

A sharp pull at his tunic brought his thoughts back to the present.

What lover would not wish to be the tunic of his well-beloved or the water of her bath?

Unexpectedly he stooped, and caught Wulf by the collar of his tunic.