Turbid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Turbid:

It was almost as if it reminded me of some turbid element in history and the soul.

With a quick spring he disappeared beneath the turbid water.

Of all this turbid activity Dobyans Verinder was the chief profiter.

Nora was gone, lost in that turbid stream which flows through our city.

A short voyage of a day bore them to the mouth of turbid and turbulent Missouri.

A mullet of Guiana, found in turbid waters, where it lives by suction.

To assuage thirst, I drank the water of the lake, turbid and slimy as it was.

Then you will come to another stream of turbid water, and do the same there.

There are two ways by which the turbid waters become purified.

On the one side it was turbid and gray, and perfectly opaque.