Turbine [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Turbine:

Are they after some more of dad's inventions because they didn't get his turbine motor?

And the boiler, of course, had emptied itself through the hole in the turbine.

When the meteor pierced the turbine, the water in the condenser began to boil.

This will considerably reduce the time the turbine requires to come to rest.

While the turbine is running, it should have a certain amount of careful attention.

It must be remembered that a turbine is essentially meant for high speeds.

In its earliest form this turbine was a modification of Hero's.

Owing to its construction, a turbine cannot be reversed like a cylinder engine.

Compare this with 23,000 horse-power of the "Dreadnought's" turbine engines.

Then I will take my plans and the model of the turbine motor into the house.