Turbo [noun]

Definition of Turbo:

vehicle propelled by ejection of pressurized gas or liquid

Synonyms of Turbo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Turbo:


Sentence/Example of Turbo:

Here is my turbo, do you consent to receive the adoption of the Moluchos and march with them?

It was at that moment that Turbo looked up to see what the Marquis thought of it.

Turbo accompanied him to a tavern hard by for a parting cup.

Let it be said at once frankly, she and Turbo had loved each other.

In a moment he had the lie and a stinging blow on the mouth from Turbo's glove.

Turbo accepted his fate, but with a bitterness that poisoned his whole nature.

All, then, that was necessary was to remove Turbo's counter-attraction, and the game was won.

It was thus he was sitting now, when Turbo was announced for his usual audience.

Formerly this companion had always been Turbo, but that was impossible now.

Kophetua's face changed to an expression which Turbo had never seen there.