Turgid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Turgid:

In what turgid melodrama does not just such an episode occur?

Here it flowed a sluggish, turgid stream, so sullen, so heavy.

I held her as though all life's turgid danger were powerless to touch us.

With a sweep of his arm the man indicated the surface of the turgid flood.

Most of it is turgid, lumpy, fuzzy in texture, squalid in intellect.

But his addresses are turgid, labouring, and not effective for their purpose.

This may be airy, light, and gossamer, or turgid and obscure: it may be commonplace or ponderous.

If I have to confess the truth to you, that valley is to me a ghastly and turgid memory.

In the main path they met the turgid funeral of a Bow Road bookmaker.

At flood-times it may be traced, a yellowish, turgid streak, as far as Alcatraz.