Turgidity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Turgidity:

But the tendency to turgidity may proceed from debility alone.

Tympanī′tis, inflammation of the membrane of the ear; Tym′pany, any swelling, turgidity: tympanites.

What remains, is a species of pseudo-emotion which must be characterized as lachrymose hysteria or turgidity.

The serenity and calm of Plato and Aristotle are gone, and in their place we have turgidity and extravagance.

No one can for a moment doubt that her feelings are real, but neither can the turgidity and bombast of her language be denied.

He paced the floor in impatience while Mr. Turgidity blew the clouds of dust from precedent after precedent.

The turgidity and luxuriance of art gradually passed into tameness and poverty.