Turncoat [noun]

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Which is another reason for general GS enmity: the turncoat syndrome.

If he has once been a turncoat, he will be a turncoat again.

It needs more than the zeal of a turncoat to drive Apollo out of Parnassus.

He who passes over from one party to another is at once abused as a "turncoat."

I have no use for Jews, especially for a turncoat, and I will see that you get the limit of the court.

The Vicar of Bray is quoted as simply a "turncoat," but this does not affect the argument.

"You lied to us, you long-headed Yankee turncoat," muttered another.

We are not a turncoat; we had hoped that Carpentier would win.

Hence Dio Cassius declared that Cicero had been called a turncoat.

If you, for instance, are a turncoat, reproach your opponent with having no convictions!