Turnkey [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Turnkey:

Upon which door the turnkey knocked with the handle of his key.

So, the turnkey thought about it all his life, and died intestate after all.

The turnkey gave it as the result of his experience that some of 'em was and some of 'em wasn't.

But the turnkey thanked them, and said, 'No, on the whole it was enough to see other people's children there.'

As it approached, there was not a Collegian within doors, nor a turnkey absent.

Whenever the turnkey was coming he was groaning and moaning on the bed.

The turnkey fired the little pile, which blazed high and hot.

In the morning he was aroused by the turnkey and brought out of his cell.

Above the general din he heard the detestable voice of the turnkey.

It was past the hour when any further visit from the turnkey might be expected.