Turnovers [noun]

Definition of Turnovers:

baked product made with flour

Synonyms of Turnovers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Turnovers:


Sentence/Example of Turnovers:

They made their second, 180-degree turnover while weightless.

Its turnover was small, its list of stockholders was select.

When she returned from the kitchen with his turnover he was standing.

And so the visit to Turnover Park was made, and the Fenwicks were driven home.

You know you don't like him, and you know also that you will have a very bad time of it at Turnover.

"We shall all of us have to go over to Turnover next week," he said.

A few weeks after the turnover, Adams seemed to have more time.

In addition to the children there was Skyrocket, the dog, and Turnover, the cat.

"Come over here," and Teddy whistled as he did for Turnover.

Now there was no sight of Snuff and Turnover, nor of Skyrocket, the other dog.