Turnstile [noun]

Definition of Turnstile:

movable barrier at entrance

Synonyms of Turnstile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Turnstile:


Sentence/Example of Turnstile:

One must pass through a turnstile before these wonders are accessible.

A balanced barrier to a passage in a fort, of the nature of a turnstile.

They paid their two halfpennies at the turnstile and crossed the bridge.

A railing should be built in front of the turnstile to block the passage on that side.

If you want to know what that means, go somewhere and watch a turnstile.

The rest was lost in the clicking of the turnstile that let him through.

A clicking, turnstile gate allowed only one to pass out at a time.

Something clicked behind me like the turnstile at the gate of a show.

"It was here, by the turnstile, I first saw Lilias," he said to himself.

She was the youngest as well as the smallest of the trio standing at the turnstile.