Turquoise [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Turquoise:

When morning came the sky was a turquoise and the wind a gale.

And by some magic of his own, he drew Dick out to tell the story of his turquoise mining.

We have Dick's ranch and the turquoise mine and Ernest's and your plant.

And the maiden answered, 'It is because my jewel of turquoise has fallen into the water.'

Her eyes were bluer even than her turquoise brooch or the gentians in her hat.

And you recall how exquisite was the turquoise glaze on some of the old pieces?

Why, yes, Beth, here is a pale blue one with a turquoise in it.

It was transparent, and the sky above it was like a turquoise.

Margaret mourned her turquoise with silent tears all the rest of the night.

The clasp, you see, is a turquoise; I believe, rather a fine one.