Tush [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tush:

After a while, he said aloud, no one understanding rightly what he meant, 'Tush!

"Tush, boy; promise must yield to need," said the Knight of the Crested Boar.

He has many fine quips at this folly of plain dealing, but his "tush!"

Dick said, “Thank you,” for the promised “tush,” and walked away.

Tush, Colonna, see you not that if we had balked this great warrior, we had perished?

He might be seen at the railway station, and stopped: he might——“Tush!”

“Tush, tush, never mind repaying,” hastily rejoined the doctor.

Tush, man,” said Bunce, “he did but let out a little malapert blood.

Tush, tush, gentlemen, it is ill straining at gnats in such times.

Tush, the combing of their crests was bigger than any town there.