Tussle [noun]

Definition of Tussle:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Tussle:

Sentence/Example of Tussle:

Jim-the-ladder has been a prize-fighter in his day, and there was a tussle.

Just a bit of a tussle now and then to keep you from dropping off.

Lydia didn't want him to tussle, but she did want him at the top.

I came upon it from a tussle with the sea—and I was young—and I saw it looking at me.

Then, perhaps, there might be a tussle between them as to which should have his own way,—or hers.

Every frontiersman was preparing for a tussle with the hated Spaniard.

There was a rush and a tussle, and the baker ran to Stevie; but something had gone splash!

All this was exciting enough, but it was as nothing to the tussle at the head of the school.

We'll have our hands full, Eunice, when the tussle really begins.

Westland saw that he was in for a tussle and braced himself.