Tussock [noun]

Definition of Tussock:

clump of strands of something

Synonyms of Tussock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tussock:

Sentence/Example of Tussock:

It is built upon a tussock; and a tussock—did you ever try to pull up a tussock?

It was placed high and dry on a tussock in a flaming patch of hawkweed.

They were sitting close to each other on a tussock behind their little tent.

The larva of this insect feeds on the tussock grass (Poa australis).

The pupa is suspended by the tail to an upright blade of the tussock.

It flies amongst the tussock grass in a weak and aimless manner.

The nest is in a hole in the ground at the base of a tussock of long grass.

Stealing forward like a shadow, the old fox sprang at the tussock.

They build nests of tussock on rocks close to the water or maybe on the ground.

There was Mrs. Woodcock peeping at him from behind a tussock of grass.