Tutelage [noun]

Definition of Tutelage:

guardianship; teaching

Synonyms of Tutelage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tutelage:

Sentence/Example of Tutelage:

Under the tutelage of the mad god, White Fang became a fiend.

Mildred under her brother's tutelage bid fare to be one of this sort.

We are convinced that we are better than our fathers, and must break away from their tutelage.

Place him under the tutelage of great masters and send him to Harvard.

What, would she go back to Bartenstein—to insignificance, to dulness, and to tutelage?

“Under your tutelage I am sure I shall do well,” I accepted.

I had learned enough under Nokomee's tutelage to carry on a conversation.

This happened as soon as one took in the ground and some of the features of his tutelage.

Under her tutelage Mary also found it pleasant to play Lady Bountiful.

Alexeiev saw in my appointment a kind of tutelage on the part of the Government.