Tutored [verb]

Definition of Tutored:

teach someone privately

Synonyms of Tutored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tutored:

Sentence/Example of Tutored:

He was more tolerant now than he had been in the days when he had tutored Henry at Ballymartin.

I was not so tutored merely for the sake of repairing a grave omission in my education.

Whether what happened or what might happen had tutored him, he was on guard, ready—for himself most of all.

Upon this tutored slave a number of experiments was performed.

Sir Lionel had tutored himself carefully as to what he would say and what do.

So I tutored him in the tricks of cow-punching, and found him an apt pupil.

The son she wished to have tutored was weak in body and not strong in mind.

He tutored me in Latin once to pull me through my exams and I barely lived.

After we separated, I tutored some, read law, and was admitted to the bar.

The squire bunched his features; he tutored his temper, and said not a word.