Tutorial [adjective]

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But even in Merton the germ of tutorial instruction was present.

Before 1856 the professorial system of teaching had long lain in abeyance, and the tutorial system had prevailed alone.

And I understand that he has also taken his place among the regular subjects of the tutorial lectures.

It must, of course, be remembered in extenuation that with all his social and tutorial duties, the don is very hard worked.

In his relation to these older students the grammar master may be regarded as the precursor of the system of tutorial instruction.

It would be only a logical extension of the principle to give the proctor-adviser a tutorial office.

He had had no experience of any sort of education beyond the tutorial methods of his time.

Such a plan would closely approximate the tutorial arrangement prevailing on outlying plantations.

It seems probable that he lived in the French embassy in some secretarial or tutorial position.

An hour a week in rational-emotive therapy is really, then, like a tutorial session with a teacher.