Tuxedos [noun]

Definition of Tuxedos:

matching top and bottom clothing

Synonyms of Tuxedos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tuxedos:



Sentence/Example of Tuxedos:

The Pote finished his dishwashing and joined us, pulling on an old Tuxedo jacket.

You surely do not intend to wear your tuxedo and a black tie.

Tom tied a black bow around his collar and put on his tuxedo.

Ross had donned a Tuxedo and pinned a tiny, pink rose in his buttonhole.

Suppose you have had one of your old coats transformed into a Tuxedo.

Remember that a Tuxedo dinner coat has not to be of a certain material.

He was dressed in blue flannel vest and trousers and a Tuxedo coat.

He wore the finest Tuxedo coat that could be hired on the East Side.

That's the man up above—with the white hands and the tuxedo coat.

Sack or Tuxedo Coat—2 yards, 32 inch or 1½ yards, 54 inches wide.