Twangs [noun]

Definition of Twangs:

nasal sound

Synonyms of Twangs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twangs:


Sentence/Example of Twangs:

I have thirteen arrows yet, and if one of them fly unfleshed, then, by the twang of string!

"It has a twang of the wine cask in it," said one, smacking his lips.

Her voice is just like yours; it's got a twang to it like blowing on the edge of a piece of paper.

I was glad that my missile had been thrown away,—that he had not even heard the twang of the bow.

Lance heard a twang of Scotch in the “very rare” which pleased him.

He had a shrewd, good sort of face, and a Yankee twang to his speech.

The swimmer heard the twang of an arrow and dived a second time.

The nighthawks swooped in the pale zenith with the twang of smitten chords.

"We'll be thar," responded Howard, with a twang that might have done credit to Janey.

It branded her Ozark twang as a lie, and a great many other things about her.