Tweed [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tweed:

This man was the Tweed of Mexico, and one of the most venal officials ever trusted by the people.

I got into this, and soon I was on the platform in my tweed suit.

Tweed, at this time, was full of trout, but even then they were not easy to catch.

On Wednesday the Tweed had been roaring red from bank to bank.

Yon river is called the Tweed; and yonder, over the brig, is Scotland.

When they brought her the tweed sleeves, she trembled like an aspen leaf.

The well-known Harris tweed smell is partly due to the use of this dye.

Paul's Harris tweed coat had a faint odour of peat and tobacco.

Duncan could wear the cotton jacket, and leave his tweed one behind.

A Merse mist alang the Tweed, in a harvest morning's gude indeed.