Twiggy [adjective]

Definition of Twiggy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Twiggy:


Sentence/Example of Twiggy:

No, sir; only that some of the shoots are big and strong, and some are little and twiggy.

This is a dwarf, spreading, twiggy bush, of fully a yard high.

The tree is small, spreading into a compact though irregular head of twiggy, slender branches.

The great branches stand off nearly at right angles to the trunk, and are bushy and twiggy at the ends.

It is a good subject for the drier parts of rockwork, where a twiggy branch should be secured, which it will soon cover.

This plant is remarkable for its twiggy appearance, but it has no foliage, except when growing from seed.

Occasionally an ant will slip in crossing a twiggy crevasse, and his leaf become tightly wedged.

There are many woody little, much branched, twiggy shrublets, which bristle all over with thorns and spines.

The leaves are neat, thickly-arranged, and hoary, while the whole plant is twiggy and of strict though by no means formal growth.

It is an old inhabitant of our gardens, and forms a somewhat erect, twiggy bush, of fully 10 feet in height.