Twigs [noun]

Definition of Twigs:

small branch

Synonyms of Twigs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twigs:


Sentence/Example of Twigs:

Close on our right a twig snapped and I began to gather myself for the spring.

Not a sound disturbed the oppressive quiet, not the quiver of a twig.

Was it his imagination, or did a branch snap, a twig rustle down the road?

The painter would not depict every twig, as would the naturalist.

At first they could not break it, but when they took it twig by twig they broke it easily.

Each picker then draws a twig, and his standing is decided by the number upon it.

From a tree which bears fruit they cut a twig, and divide it into two small pieces.

It matters not much what part of the bough the twig growes out of.

The snapping of a twig sounded like the crashing ruin of a forest giant.

What does the nightingale care for a golden cage when he can get a twig?